Watch as Adam Demuyakor explains the Project RISE interview process.

The solution to this problem includes utilizing the nearby Daka River to create a thorough water irrigation system that will allow the citizens of Ekumdipe to farm year round.

Construction site for the irrigation system and farmland that will be nearby it

Crops grown in the area are typical tropical sub-Saharan African types like Corn (maize), Millet, Sorghum and Rice, as staple cereal crops. These are currently grown seasonally but can be cultivated throughout the year with proper irrigation. There are also typical vegetables such as tomatoes, okra, assorted bean types, peppers, cabbages, carrots, and many others not known to the western world. These vegetables can also be grown through the year with adequate water supply. These crops are continually in high demand at the nearby urban city of Tamale and the ability to produce them all year would allow the people of Ekumdipe to improve their incomes, thus drastically reducing poverty.

As with all ADI projects, the solution begins with community discussions and decision making.