The Honda WB30XT pump

The Irrigation system consists of a pipe system that will connect directly to the Daka River. Back in Ekumdipe, we installed 4 motorized pumps that will be used to elicit the needed water for the farms. The system allows the citizens to have a constant supply of water with which they can cultivate crops year round.

Farming in Ekumdipe; soon this will be possible in the dry season as well.

The project has included thorough research on the subject of agricultural irrigation systems to in order to make sure that we responsibly install our irrigation system effectively and efficiently. Research has included planning a system that has preventative measures against the 7 major potential adverse effects of improper irrigation design according to the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences:

(1) Public Health

(2) Waste of Natural Resources

(3) Water Pollution

(4) Operator Safety

(5) Economic Factors Including Cost of Irrigation

(6) Economic Return from Irrigation

(7) Irrigation System Life Expectancy