Where does the money go? 

Although there are many pieces involved with making sure the project is a success, the Project RISE team wants to make sure that you, the donor, knows exactly what kinds of things the money is going into.

$25 pays for the tillage of an entire acre of farmland nearby the irrigation system.

With $25, we can till an entire acre of land.

$100 pays for the total fencing supplies and labor for a half-acre of land.

$200 handles all costs to set up an entire pipe system for a farming family.


Costs for transportation of irrigation supplies and installation volunteers are covered with $250

$250 covers our total transportation costs for getting the supplies from the capital city of Accra to Ekumdipe.

$500 purchases a whole pump. Each pump is enough to allow approx. 100 people to fully benefit from the irrigation system.

$500 purchases an entire irrigation pump!



You can make a donation through paypal here