Farming in Ekumdipe

Ekumdipe is a community in one of Ghana’s northern rural regions that experiences extreme idleness during the dry-season. Ghana, being a sub-Saharan region experiences two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season.

During the dry season. farming will be more difficult but yield much needed surplus crops

For the most part, most farmers in the area accomplish the majority of their work during the rainy season due to the generous precipitation. The outskirts of Ekumdipe community is about 1 to 1.5 kilometers away from the Daka River, which flows throughout the year into the Volta river/lake. Rainy seasonal floods can sometimes bring water to within 30 m off the community. As the water recedes after the rainy season fertile soils are left for vegetable cultivation. The population of Ekumdipe is about 1200, with women making up about 51% as is typical of Ghana.